Children & Youth Faith Formation September through June


Wednesday 10am Eucharist

We will gather for our Wednesday Eucharist, September through June.

Godly Play (preschool-5th grade)

Godly Play (preschool - 5th grade) begins September 8th at 10:15am each Sunday. Children should be checked at the Godly Play classroom, adjacent to the parish hall, by 10:15am. 

Godly Play is not simply a Sunday school curriculum. It is an open approach that works through the community of children to give each child the tools they need to identify, name, and understand their individual religious experiences.  The philosophy understands that all children have had some experience of the mystery of God but may lack the language, permission, and understanding to integrate their spirituality into the fabric of their lives. Godly Play teaches children the art of using religious language (parable, sacred story, liturgical action, silence, gestures, and so much more) to help interpret what happens in their daily lives.


Teen Faith Formation: (6th-12th grades)

Middle School and High School students begins at 10:15am every 2nd & 4th Sundays of the month beginning September 8th at 10:15am and will join their families at the Passing of the Peace. They will be using the Spark: Re:Form - Core curriculum. This is a program of lessons that tackle questions about the Bible, creed, disciples, Jesus and other beliefs and hot topics. This is a video based curriculum that gives youth the tools for critical thinking, faith reflection and discovery. 

If you have any questions about Faith Formation or Youth Group please contact Ruth Weber for more information.


Women's Bible Study

A year round on going bible study for women exploring different approaches to the bible and our faith. Every Tuesday morning at 9:45am in the Parish Hall. For more information, contact Brienne Schaefer, or Ruth Weber.