For our young people (age 4- 5th grade)

Sunday School is offered during the 10:30am worship service during the school year. Sunday School begins at 10:15am and children should report to the Sunday School classrooms (adjacent to the Parish Hall) to begin the morning's activities.  Young people will then join their families at the worship service to share in the Eucharist together.

This year we are doing a new "Spark Rotation" curriculum.

The Bible is an exciting book that can take us on an amazing adventure and this year our Sunday School classes will be strapping in for the adventure of a life time. Our elementary age class will view the Bible stories through a rotational program that will take them through each story three times, each time in a very different way. We will explore the stories through art, science, drama, cooking, music and games. This ain't your mama's Sunday School class! Our youth class will be going on their adventure through funny, relevant and age appropriate short animation clips of some well known and not so well known stories of the Bible. They will laugh, relate and have the opportunity to discuss these stories together.

Sunday School this year will begin fifteen minutes before the start of service and will start directly in the classrooms. So, we'll see you all at 10:15! This allows us more time to learn and have fun and will insure the children/youth are in the sanctuary in time for the passing of the Peace.

Those interested in learning more about Sunday School, registering a child, or learning about volunteer teaching should contact Holly McNeal at 734-497-8222 or

For our YOUTH (grades 6-12)

We are using the Spark: Ancestors program. Using this program our youth will journey through the Bible meeting our unpolished and unexpected ancestors along the way.

We are also working on getting a youth group started that will meet twice a month.

Contact Holly McNeal at 734-497-8222 or for more information.