Holy Week

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Palm Sunday  -  March 25

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week. It is Good News that we do not approach the events of Holy Week without hope. We do not re-crucify Christ…rather we enter Holy Week with assurance. We know how the story ends.

 Palm Sunday begins with the telling of the story of Jesus’ triumphant entrance into Jerusalem. We wave our palm branches for this festive procession as we celebrate Christ’s triumphant entrance as “King of Kings.” The focus of the worship changes as the Passion narrative is told, this movement helps prepare us for entering into Holy Week.

Maundy Thursday - March 29, Simple Meal at 6:30pm; service at 7pm

Come join us on Maundy Thursday evening and engage in an intentional time of storytelling centered on THE sacred story of Jesus. This year a simple supper will be provided  and we will focus on small group interaction. This celebrates our Christian tradition of table fellowship with the Agape Meal, the love we share through Christ in the breaking of the Bread. A relaxed time to share a meal and reflect on the Gospel readings in small groups with the kids taking an active part. As the evening turns quieter, more of the story is read as we move to the sanctuary. There we’re invited to follow Jesus’ example of the sacred gesture of Foot Washing. Lastly, we watch as the altar is stripped and the Rugged Cross is carried in. Everything is prepared for Good Friday as we leave in silence.

 Good Friday  - March 30, Stations of the Cross, 12 noon 

In ancient times, Christians made pilgrimages to Jerusalem, usually during Holy Week. As part of their pilgrim journey, they would walk the route Jesus took with his cross to Calvary, stopping along the way for devotions to commemorate certain events that took place. The service known as Stations of the Cross allows us to trace the last steps of Jesus. The word “Stations” come from the Latin word that means to stand. As we come to each “Station” we stop, pray, read scripture, and contemplate the walk of Jesus to the cross. Following the Stations of the Cross becomes a devotional act for us as we follow Jesus to his death on Good Friday.

 Good Friday Liturgy - 7:30pm

On Good Friday, we commemorate the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. The service includes a Passion Reading, the Solemn Collects (prayers for the salvation of the world), periods of silence, a homily, and the veneration of the cross. 

 Easter - April 1, 9 & 11am

Easter Sunday continues to proclaim the glorious news of the Resurrection. “Alleluia! Christ is Risen! The Lord is Risen Indeed! Alleluia!” becomes our new song. The power of sin and death has been destroyed forever.

 Easter Eggstravaganza - April 1, 10:15am

As part of our glorious celebration of Easter Day, there’s an Easter Egg Huntat 10:15 am for children 5th grade and younger, a joyous celebration that Alleluia, Christ is Risen!

 Flowering of the cross

 Kids of all ages are invited to place a flower in our flowering cross that will be placed in front of the sanctuary for Easter morning. This ancient tradition of adding flowers to the wooden cross that's a symbol of new life found in the promise of Easter. We will celebrate that “Jesus Lives” and the flowering cross celebrating our lives with him as we give thanks at Easter.

All are welcome here at St. Margaret's. Come and see how God is working in our community!

Worship services at 9 & 10:30am.


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