All are welcome here at St. Margaret's. Come and see how God is working in our community!

Worship services at 9 & 10:30am.

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An invitation to a Holy Lent     

Lent is a time when we look at the meaning of repentance. It is a time when we focus on turning to God for reconciling our lives, for engaging in practices of forgiveness, where Christ’s love is made manifest. An incredible journey for following Christ, for rediscovering God’s Passion and love for us, which speaks to our deepest longings.

Practicing Forgiveness - "Living Well through Lent "

Lent is a time to reflect on Lent is a time to reflect on the core of what it means to live a Christian life. At the core, there is nothing more central to that life than loving - living with all our heart, soul, strength, and mind the love of Christ that we find though the practices of forgiveness. You can now download a free copy, go to, where you can also join the closed Facebook discussion group with Living Compass or receive each day's readings via daily email.

Spiritual Practices, Multigenerational / Lifelong Faith: 

This week, you are invited to a brief workshop designed around our practice of praying with the Anglican Rosary. We’ll meet for 20-30 minutes, in the parish hall after the 10:30am service. We will be learning about and creating our own rosary.

Wednesday Nights in Lent

Come meet with Rev Kathy in the chapel from 7 – 8 pm to learn more about the Easter-centered gift of the Rite of Reconciliation. We will be using the guide "The Joy In Confession” by Hillary D. Raining and looking for the connections with our Living Compass for “Practicing Forgiveness.” Lent is the time to go deeper in your faith journey, please contact Rev Kathy to learn more and to schedule another time if needed.